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Will Pawn Shops Buy Broken Electronics

A pawn shop will purchase the broken item depending on its condition and if they have to tools to fix it. Before you try selling your broken item, check out two examples of two common electronics a pawn shop in Olathe, KS might consider buying:

will pawn shops buy broken electronics

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Many people who own smartphones drop them and crack the screens. A pawn shop will usually buy those types of damaged phones from people, because they can do their own cell phone repair or they partner with a local business who does offer cell phone repair and will give the pawn shop a discount.

When it comes to selling broken electronics to pawn shops, each case or electronic is different. It depends on the condition of the electronic and how easy of a fix it is. For a pawn shop in Olathe, KS, visit Harrison Street Pawn.

The good news is that you can still often get a lot of money for your phone even if it's broken. This is because the cell phone buyers on SellCell actually specialize in buying broken phones as they repair and refurbish them to restore them back to working order so they can often still pay high prices for broken phones. It doesn't matter if your device only has minor faults or is completely smashed there will always be a buyer for it at SellCell.

SellCell is the No. 1 price comparison site in the US for selling used phones, tablets and other electronics. Millions of happy customers have successfully sold their tech via SellCell for the most cash. So if you're looking to sell a broken phone you're in safe hands!

Phones are very expensive devices. If you break your phone it may still have significant value. Most damage to phones such as a smashed screen, faulty camera or dead battery can be repaired so companies like the ones featured on SellCell will buy your broken phone and repair it. This means they actively look to buy broken phones.

All of the above would fall under the definition of 'Broken' as the device is not fully working but obviously some faults are more severe than others. The worse the damage, the less you will get for the phone and conversely if there are only minor faults you shouldn't get downvalued too much. For more information about much you get for your broken phone see 'How much is my broken phone worth?'

If you look at the above FAQs you can see that you can often get decent money to recycle a broken phone. If the buyback company can repair the device it will then be resold on to a new customer thereby extending its lifecycle and meaning it is recycled and kept out of a landfill.

This is what happens to most phones as the majority can be repaired. For the minority of phones that are beyond economical repair (BER) such as those that have motherboard damage the buyback company will still recycle the broken phones in an environmentally friendly way. They will recycle these broken phones by dismantling them to extract any valuable parts or materials and then the remaining parts will be recycled in an environmentally sustainable way.

If the device only has a minor fault such as a camera not working then it is likely it won't be downvalued that much. However, if the device is completely smashed with a broken screen and doesn't even turn on then it will be worth much less

Yes you can! It's not just phones. The buyers on SellCell also buy broken tablets and other electronics. Please see the menu above for all the categories of products you can sell through SellCell. Almost all of these allow you to sell products in 'Broken' condition. These include the following:

We all probably have electronics laying around our house that are either super outdated or completely broken and therefore, useless. Though it may be fun to occasionally dig them out and reminisce over the good times, the truth is you could be making money (back) from your junk.

ecoATM operates kiosks nationwide where you can deposit your broken or unwanted electronics in convenient locations for immediate cash back. They are usually located in shopping centers, strip malls, or other highly trafficked areas for ease of access. ecoATM acquired Gazelle in 2015, which helped them expand their presence into more geographic markets. is a website that will buy your used and/or broken electronics from you. When you go to the site, you will be prompted to select what type of electronic you would like to sell. They will purchase anything from smartphones to gaming consoles and even some wearables. Once you identify which product you have and fill out necessary information regarding its condition, you will receive a quote. There is also an option to sell in bulk if you contact the GreenBuyback team.

At Hollywood Pawn Shop & Jewelry, we buy broken Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Game Consoles, Pro Camera Gear and iPods. To get a FREE quote, fill out our Online Cash Estimator form, and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly. You can also find directions to our shop from your current location.

In addition to precious metals, jewelry that features precious gems and gemstones will be of great interest to your local pawnbroker. Gemstones like diamonds or emeralds are always in great demand. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the value of gems, especially diamonds, is determined by the following factors:

To trade in your cell phone that is cracked or has a broken screen, simply select 'Cracked' from the options on the device page. This will filter the available buyback offers. Below are examples of the sort of physical damage that companies accept:

You can usually still sell your broken phone for cash, even when one or more of the above applies. It is worth noting that many buyback programs will reduce your quote if you try to send these devices in as 'Good', 'Cracked' or 'Mint' Condition.

As you can see above, there are places to sell broken phones but offer less money. That said, there are some situations where it is not worth selling the phone or where the recycler will not accept it. This includes:

Pawnshops absolutely buy broken jewelry! Unlike most items typically found in a home, like a television or a computer, jewelry maintains its value even when it is broken. This is because the precious metals market determines the value of the precious jewels and metals in a piece of jewelry. While the market has had its ups and downs throughout history, the value of precious metals and gemstones generally only increases over time.

Second, the not-so-great news: not every shop will be as interested in a piece of broken jewelry as they would one that was intact. If your local pawnshop cannot or will not take the time and effort to fix it up for resell, they may not be willing to offer top dollar for your piece of broken jewelry. For example, if you had a broken gold diamond bracelet to pawn or sell, your local pawnbroker will need to take into consideration the cost of scrapping the gold and selling the diamonds wholesale. However, this broken bracelet still has value and can get you quick cash when you need it.

At Central Mega Pawn, we are always interested in your jewelry, broken or not! As part of our dedication to our community, our services include an in-house jeweler. We are one of the few pawnshops to offer this service and are proud to invite you to come and see how we can help get you the highest offer for your items.

What do pawn shops buy? Things pawn shops always buy include jewelry, electronics, power tools, video games and DVDs, clothing, accessories, and more, putting some cash in your pocket in exchange for your unused or lightly used items. Continue on to find out more about what you can sell at a pawn shop, and how much money you could get for your items.

Pawn shops purchase items and lend money through cash transactions. In other words, when you sell an item to a pawn shop, you receive cash in return. In general, most pawn shops will pay you 40 to 60% of the price they believe the item can be sold for.

When it comes to phones, most pawn shops will consider buying iPhone 5 models or newer, as well as newer Android smartphones, particularly the Samsung Galaxy. However, pawn shops generally do not buy older model cell phones or flip phones.

Most pawn shops will buy your DVDs and Blu-ray discs, provided they are free of scratches. In general, the newer the release, the more the shop will pay for your DVD or Blu-ray. You will get more money for movies in their original cases. DVDs and Blu-rays typically sell for between $.50 and $2 each.

Pawn shops will pay you cash for jewelry and watches. The amount you can get depends on the value of the piece, the designer name, and many other factors, including the current market value for the type of jewelry. In general, pawn shops will pay 40 to 60% of the assessed value of the piece.

Some pawn shops will pay cash for crystal glassware, vases, bowls, cups, and sets. However, they will generally only buy brand name crystal in excellent to brand new condition, such as Waterford, Steuben, Tiffin, Lalique, Baccarat, Swarovski (crystal jewelry and figurines), Fostoria, and Saint Louis.

The amount of money you can get for a firearm at a pawn shop varies widely, depending on the make, model, and condition of the item. Common brands in fair condition may sell for as little as $15, while high-demand brands in excellent condition can bring you $1,000 or more. On average, pawn shops pay $100 to $300 for various types.

Some pawn stores will buy purses. However, like shoes, there are a variety of factors that decide whether or not a pawn shop will buy purses or handbags. One of the most important factors here is the location of the pawn shop. Pawnbrokers in large, urban centers such as New York and Los Angeles are far more likely to pay cash for designer purses than those in smaller, rural areas, where brand-name handbags are not as important to their customers.

Selling shoes at a pawn shop can be tricky because there are a lot of factors that go into whether or not the pawnbroker will pay cash for shoes. However, pawn shops may consider buying brand name shoes in very good to excellent condition that are currently in high demand. 041b061a72

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