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St Dupont Lighter Serial Number Lookup

There is a way to find out if you are buying an original accessory, and S. T. DUPONT serial numbers will help you with that. Look at the bottom of the lighter, if the serial numbers are written unevenly and not perfectly positioned, then the lighter is authentic and hand-stamped. It is not considered an original S.T. Dupont if serial numbers are evenly spaced and perfectly arranged.

St Dupont Lighter Serial Number Lookup

A lot are from China, but it isn't hard to setup an account to make it look like your somewhere your not. Also the selling party might not even realize that the lighter is a fake, the Line 2 counterfeit lighters look exactly like real ones, depending on model/design being counterfeited. If the selling party does not picture the bottom of the lighter, where the serial number is, its Probably fake. If it looks the the numbers are lined up perfectly, if they are engraved, its fake.

ST Dupont stamps their lighters with numbers not aligned in a straight line, some numbers looking higher or lower then others. Counterfeited line 2 have serials engraved in a straight line. Even if your lighter doesn't look like one of the lighters pictured below it still could be fake. Fakes change on a regular basis to try to keep up with ST Dupont. Top instructions (yellowish) are genuine warranty card on the left is genuine, its not as dark as the fake Its also possible to place a fake ST Dupont lighter, in a genuine box. I have seen it done several times on Ebay. The insert in the gift boxes have sharply raised angled edges, genuine boxes have only very slightly raised edges, almost hard to notice in most pictures.

Fake Dupont serial numbers, specifically ones for the S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 lighter, are sometimes placed in a straight line, according to eBay. Authentic S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 lighters have the numbers stamped slightly out of alignment. In addition, Dupont lighters have serial numbers that are stamped rather than engraved.

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